Sep. 14th, 2009 11:46 am
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The columbia river gorge in Washington, near Vantage:

The Gorge I

The Gorge II
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Welcome (bw)

Drive Carefully

These were all taken with a lensbaby.
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flickr's resizing algorithm does not like the swirly pattern on these rocks - they look oversharpened. But you get the idea....

Point Lobos XV

Point Lobos XVI
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Santa Cruz, CA

Eastern Washington
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I've been in the Pacific Northwest. It is beautiful and restful and I'm a little sad to be trading in mountain and trees for concrete and heat in New York. Oh well.

Rosalia, WA

Steptoe Butte
Steptoe Butte, WA

Biggs, OR
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Crater Lake, OR
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These are the last of my vermont photos. Truthfully, I'm not super happy with these, but the light was so beautiful that I have to share a couple with you anyway.

The composition is terrible on this. Just look at the glorious yellow light!

all photos in larger size )
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Chocolate Chip Star II
The companion to the last photo I posted of the chocolate chip starfish.
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My clownfish have finally started to host! They are hosting my rhodactis mushrooms. In the wild, they would host anemones, but clownfish will often take a proxy in captivity. Since these guys are odd, captive raised hybrids, there was a big question as to what anemones they would decide to host in. They opted for something like a carpet anemone in my tank (like the male parent). When clownfish host, they spend a lot of time wriggling around in their host and hiding in it during the daylight hours. They will also often feed their host anemones which is cool to watch in the aquarium. I'm glad they chose the mushrooms; I can't get a carpet anemone since they eat small fish.

these are better larger )

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