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Crater Lake, OR
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When I was 17, I got the dog I always wanted .... just in time for me to move all the way across the country, and go to university.

I still love her, though! :)

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Playa Hermosa

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My internet is all fucked up AGAIN. The cable people are coming tomorrow to make it better. Meanwhile, I'm trying to steal wireless from people in my neighborhood.

A few photos (we're still working on Costa Rica, obviously!):

Butterfly Garden, La Fortuna, Costa Rica
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everyone loves giraffes!

I could have an entire gallery of giraffe pictures in my photography portfolio. I couldn't get enough of the critters, and they were everywhere!
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Hot Giraffe Action
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All photos are from Skansen, in Stockholm, Sweden.
Taken with a Canon S60 Digital

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I just can't resist one last bird picture. This is the last one. (For now.)

Santa Cruz, CA
ISO 400/red filter
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I apparently had birds on the brain.
Taken in San Francisco.
Fujifilm Neopan ISO 400 w/ Hoya red filter
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Pentax ZX-7, yellow filter, fujifilm neopan ISO 100

Pentax ZX-7, red filter, fujifilm neopan ISO 400

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