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flickr's resizing algorithm does not like the swirly pattern on these rocks - they look oversharpened. But you get the idea....

Point Lobos XV

Point Lobos XVI
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Santa Cruz, CA

Eastern Washington
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I am leaning towards black and white, but I am welcoming opinions. Do you prefer color or bw? I like the muted colors in the color version, but I think the b/w has more impact.

Raptor (B/W)

Raptor (color)

(PS: I know there is a slightly narrower crop on the color one - I processed the two separately.
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California - the only sunny day the ENTIRE TIME I WAS THERE
This is alevy.
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All photos from my backyard, which is not all the large, BUT has never been landscaped. :)

We have bamboo. We don't know where it came from. It appeared one day, and has grown like the weed that it is.

Our neightbors have oranges, but we eat them. After all, I believe that possession is 9/10 of the law (but I'd have to check with my legal counsel - [ profile] breakerfallen & [ profile] ijwt - on that.)

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I just can't resist one last bird picture. This is the last one. (For now.)

Santa Cruz, CA
ISO 400/red filter
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I apparently had birds on the brain.
Taken in San Francisco.
Fujifilm Neopan ISO 400 w/ Hoya red filter
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Santa Cruz, CA
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Bayside Park - California

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