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Rural China (outside of Beijing)
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Rural China, outside of Beijing



Jan. 21st, 2005 01:01 am
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Apologies on the width of this one. I've been cleaning, and I ran across a folder full of photos that I specifically had saved out of various albums for framing, or for a portfolio. They're all older photos, and most of them I would not consider to be my best work anymore. But I have always liked this photo.

Mu Gwe Yin's home (spelling from my travel journal - not sure if I got that from someone, or just wrote it out phoenetically)
about an hour or so outside of Beijing

Mu Gwe In (possible misspelling) was a famous warrior woman a la Mulan. Her house was high on a ridge, overlooking a valley. We had to walk up 787 hewn stone steps to get there (very hard work, I thought I was going to die). Her home would have been totally defendable. The photo is of one of the lookout huts that were a part of her estate.
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Old picture, but I've always rather liked it.

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