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Guy on cell: You don't want to move here...No! I'm telling you, this place sucks. You make $1000 bucks a week, $600 after taxes. Then you can't go to all of the fun bars and places like that because you can't freakin' afford it. All you end up doing is watching all of the freakin' wealthy people go out and have a good time. Dude, I'm telling you, it's not what it's hyped to be. I was totally tricked.

- Houston & Lafayette

from Overheard in New York
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It's funny how we're all so alone in crowded cities and yet find intimacy with strangers on the net, reading their anonymous secrets.

-Texas, from postasecret
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I decided to tell my five closest friends about your site one night, and I asked if they wanted to each write down our biggest secret, put it in a hat, and then we could anonymously read them all. After much hesitation, nervousness, and fear of regret, we all did it. It was scary how much we hid from the people we were supposed to be able to tell everything to, but it was even scarier how similar what we hid was. By the end of the night, we each personally announced which secret was ours, for the first time ever we talked about our secrets openly. We decided it was better than any therapist session, any guidance counselor, and any medication...It was raw human self finally being released. By early morning, after many tears and much self disclosure, there were no regrets. Thank you for this opportunity, for myself, for my friends, and for everyone else.

- from postasecret
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It’s not that we’re sheep, getting pierced or cut just because everyone else is. I like to think it’s because we’re a very special group and we like doing something that sets us off from others ….. you see all the guys at the bar and you know they re pierced and tattooed, and it gives you a good feeling to know that you’re one of them….. Happiness is standing in line at the cafeteria and detecting that the straight looking babe in front of you has her nipples pierced. I don’t really care what her sexual orientation is, I can relate to her.

(I can't remember where I found this ... a posting on BME, maybe?)
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Every dark cloud has a silver lining, but lightening kills hundred of people each year who are trying to find it.

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