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Arenal Vocano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica
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I am sorry to disappoint the majority of you, but I fear most of my photos from Costa Rica are fairly banal -- typical vacation photographs. Nevertheless, I will post a bunch of them, slowly but surely, as I sift through them. I figured I would start with a few of my favorites that I pulled out first.

Sunset at Playa Ocotal

PS: For anyone on this list who uses Gallery to manage their photos - is there any way to specify the dimensions of the resized, compressed image that is displayed? I want them to display with the longest dimension being 550px, as opposed to 640px.
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From a couple of days ago.
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Sunset was pretty tonight. that rarely happens around here.
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All photos are from Skansen, in Stockholm, Sweden.
Taken with a Canon S60 Digital

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also scanned from film

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