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I am considering one of these two photos for my portfolio. Thoughts?

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I don't like these as well. But ... I decided to post them anyway. Eh.
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La Fortuna, Costa Rica
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I know we've been having fun with all of my photos from Sweden (and for those who have recently friended me, you should be aware that I don't actually live in Sweden - I live in New York City, and eventually I will have to go back to posting photographs from 'round these here parts), but I re-ran across a few pictures from right before I left Tanzania. So, for those that haven't been poking around my website, these ought to be brand new.

Dar es Salaam

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I still have a bunch more Sweden photographs, so I'll go back to snowy things again in my next post.
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Washington, DC
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"New York City is Not For Sale"
Little Italy
New York City

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