Sep. 23rd, 2005

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Perhaps you have uncovered a freedom the world did not know existed. Or perhaps it is an old freedom rediscovered. Women were warriors, you know. In my mother's family there were stories about the women who rode and fought and were wizards in these skills. It's the Englishmen like to scorn or pity us now, pretending that we have always been weak when in fact we have always been strong.

- Kate Horsley, The Changeling
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To me, yesterday seems a long time ago and I am always restless for tomorrow.

- Kate Horsley, The Changeling
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She kept imagining a large and tattered angel in the Monastery, lonely and foresaken, guarding the body of the Kitchener, who had kept the Monastery in order in ways far more potent than the Abbot's authority For the Kitchener's authority used bread and cabbage, which spoke with much more force than any scripture.

- Kate Horsely, The Changeling

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