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I have a new idea for a photo book kind of thing, and I've gone back to take a second look at some of my photographs from Richmond Town from April of last year. I went for a different historical event, a Revolutionary War "Skirmish" Re-Enactment. Plus they have a bunch of historic buildings there available for viewing and tours.

I am going to start here:

Making Butter
ISO 800 = grainy.
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I'm coming to the end of the jazz party photos. The entire set (so far) can be seen here: There might be a few more that go in there, but this is mostly it.


Break time between sets

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I went to a 1920's jazz age style lawn party today. Lots of people in period dress, all happy to let anyone and everyone take their photo.

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I was really excited about taking photos here, but I'm really unhappy with the way that most of them came out. Here are a few more of the graveyard and the chapel.

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Graveyard at Trinity Church
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I am considering one of these two photos for my portfolio. Thoughts?

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